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How do I request a warranty exchange for my product?Updated a month ago

To request a warranty exchange for a defective product, please follow these steps:

1. Submit your warranty exchange request to our customer service email with the following details: your name, contact email, the website URL where the item was purchased, the order number, and a proof of purchase such as a screenshot or an image file.

2. Clearly list the item you have issues with and describe the manufacture defect. Provide images of the defect, if possible.

3. Include your current shipping address and, if applicable, the name and email used to place the order, as well as the phone number and the original shipping address of the order.

Our customer service team will review your submission and, if the product is eligible for a replacement, approve the exchange. Proof of purchase is usually required, and the warranty period may be taken into consideration as exchanges are typically allowed within a specific timeframe from the original purchase date.

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