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Warranty ExclusionsUpdated a month ago

Sigma Beauty firmly believes in the product we create, which is why we stand behind it with a free 2-year warranty – something extremely rare in the beauty industry. However, we know that beauty is tough and that your tools will experience wear and tear. Unfortunately, damage caused by regular use will not be covered by this warranty, including, but not limited to, faded or stained bristles and handles, scratched handles or ferrules, and rubbed-off logos or product names. Any classic or original logo brushes are not covered under the warranty policy.

We will not replace misused or abused products, including, but not limited to, dented or crushed products. Sigma Beauty will not replace products that have not been properly cared for, including, but not limited to, excessive product build-up within brush bristles.

Makeup, 3DHD™ Blender, and Power Blender are not included in our warranty.

GWPs are not eligible for warranty.

Practk™ brushes are covered by our 1-year warranty.

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