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Vegan Beauty Mission

For the past 8 years, all of Sigma Beauty's brushes have been considered vegan as they feature synthetic bristles: SigmaTech® and Sigmax®. These exclusive fibers were designed and carefully tested to last longer and mimic animal hair. Synthetic-brist

Peta Certification

Co-founded by a veterinarian, all of Sigma Beauty's products are manufactured and developed using methods that do not involve experimentation on animals. We strongly believe that testing on animals is not necessary, and is a thing of the past. There

Blog Content

Need some inspiration? Check out Sigma's Beauty Summed Up Blog here!. Learn more about the brand, the latest tips and tricks, and learn about looks and trends with our special Get the Look section!

Clean Beauty

Sigma Beauty is committed to providing our clients with high-quality products that are formulated with clean ingredients, meaning they are free of harsh chemicals, for the safe, high-performance results you crave. Clean beauty is a growing trend in t

Brush and Blender Washing

Brushes. We recommend pairing a SigMagic® cleaning product with a Sigma Spa® cleaning gadget for professional cleaning on a weekly basis. Brush Cleaning How-To:. 1. WASH- Add 1-3 pumps of SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ to brush bristles, depending on brush de

Are the bristles of your brushes made of animal hair?

We understand the importance of transparency regarding our products, particularly for customs and personal preferences. Please be assured that the bristles of our brushes are made of synthetic fibers. This information is critical for customs clearanc

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